The ultimate app for all your accounting needs!

The ultimate app for all your accounting needs!

Efficiently managing money has always been a pet peeve of mine. From my pocket money days to being salaried, the way my needs have transformed over the decade has made me come to appreciate the art of accounting.

Treating yourself to an easy and effective accounting software is the first step towards financial freedom. I have downloaded a gazzilion apps and software and have had its pros and cons. But the one software I have settled into is GNUCash it's by far the best app I can recommend and without doubt has its own shortcomings but if you're someone who wants an app that's cross platform, professional and feature rich then this is the way to go.

Even though it's site may look old and in need of some help, the app is actively maintained and updated. It's open-source and walled-garden free aproach makes it easy to not just get in to the app, but get out as well.

This I find has been the most sticky point of any software that you intend to use, they try to lock you in, and that irks me.

One problem with GNUCash that some might find a deal breaker would be that it has no official support for Android/iOS, they are all 3rd party apps that interface with the `*.gnucash` XML format

One other app that I have my eyes on currently is Akkaunting. It's a modern and web based take on accounting. While it looks pretty, I still find its feature set lacking when compared to GNUCash

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